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This wiki provides documentation about the (recently released) freebase extension. You can use this wiki as a playground to test this extension by writing inline queries that are routed to freebase. Further information can be found in my blog at

You can contact me for more information [1].

Please note that I am currently developing an extension called ExternalQueries. This allows to query other SMWs and Freebase. More information about that extension can be found here.

Download and Installation


Finding freebase mappings


Name Special Features Creator
Example 1 Fruits Basil
Example 10 Display German cities in Korean language on map Googlemap
Language parameter
Geographic coordinate
Example 11 Display airports and their architects on map Googlemap
Local mapping
Geographic coordinate
Example 13 Given names and their origin Local mapping Basil
Example 14 Tourist Attractions in Buenos Aires Local mapping
Example 15 Cities in Argentina Basil
Example 16 Facts about Argentina Basil
Example 17 Administrative devisions in Argentina Basil
Example 18 External property in Infobox External property in template Basil
Example 19 Museum martin
Example 2 People, where they are born and their education Basil
Example 21 Display airports and the region they serve on map Googlemap
Local mapping
Geographic coordinate
Example 3 Planets Basil
Example 4 Animals and their alias Basil
Example 5 European counties and their population Sorting Basil
Example 6 Cities in Germany and their population Basil
Example 7 Asian languages and where they are spoken Basil
Example 9 Querying for things located in Germany in Korean language Language parameter Basil

Feel free to create and share your experiments here!

If you are familiar with MQL you might want to have a look at some examples of translating inline queries to MQL: Examples of transformation from askQL to MQL

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